What is Ghetto-ology?

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This site is dedicated to Doctah X and Ghetto-ology and was created by us because we needed to BIG UP the work that he is doing in opening people’s minds to different view points and different perspectives in this life, especially in respect to Black people in the 21st century.

We as Blak people who are born in Britain as well as those who have come to Britain have found that the culture and the mindset is different from Africa, America and the Caribbean and we are fighting to have our own identity. Doctah X has studied and talks about our particular situation here in Britain.

We have found that Doctah X has helped us to identify ourselves as African descendants (if we are mixed in with other races) and Africans if we have generations born in Africa. This has helped to clarify some of the confusing issues that have faced us living in Britain in this so-called multi-cultural society.

This does not mean that we should be separated or not united but that we should recognise our differences when we are trying to come together and unite. The word Black or African does not make us all the same.

Doctah X has given us a view of the world we did not have before and helped us understand the situation Black people are faced with in the 21st century. As far as we are concerned Doctah X keeps it real and true to life and has helped us to move away from the principles of fantasy and make believe and relates the issues to what is real and factual. If it cannot be reproduced in reality then it’s not real.

These are just some of the reasons why we have dedicated this site to him and we hope he will be pleased with our efforts in trying to keep it real. Whatever you see on this site is supposed to educate you and enlighten you. Whether you agree or disagree, its about information. Whether you are a "believer" or a "knower", you will still be informed. That is the main purpose of information. What you then take and do with that information is entirely up to you!

"The greatest respect goes out to Genesis 91.6FM for allowing this type of Black man on the radio and for being a progressive station. By listening to your Black information station, we came across Doctah X and although we appreciate all the information your station pushes out, Doctah X has been able to win us over because we can relate to him 100%!"