What is Ghetto-ology? - Who is Doctah X?

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Who is Doctah X?

Dr X is a Blak Urban Social Commentator/Lecturer; he is a composite of Urban Street Smart and Educated Intellectual.he has worked in the social arena for a number of years as a youthworker and has experience of the plight of Blak young people. He is Raw, cutting, and to the point - it would sometimes seem as if he don’t give a f**k! He has the ability to go straight to the jugular vein, and watch the blood pour out all over the place!

He is feared amongst most of the static blak organisations that have nothing to offer other than dogma, rhetoric, and ancient ritualistic practices, which really serve no purpose in the 21st Century except to inject the psyche with nostalgia, while trying to revive a past they have never truly understood.

He has hosted a talk show on Genesis Radio for over two years, where he has been bombarded with questions dealing with slavery, fashion, music, crime, and religion - and many more including topics of the day such as guns, drugs, child abuse, etc.

He has been able to engaged his listeners in long debate exploring areas within their psyche and experience which they have probably never ventured until speaking to him. (Many callers have testified to this live on air). Dr X is a uniquely crafted individual who bears no resemblance to any Blak British intellectual past or present, which is why it is very difficult to categorise him, nevertheless one can stand him along side the intellectual radicals of modern times, even though his stance and his repertoire are would not necessarily garner their favour, his passion and energy holds no bounds and is representative of the greats.

Dr X has appeared on National Television and has been interviewed on a number of (pirate) radio stations across London also in the Midlands, where he never ceases to conjure Controversy with his take on Religion belief patterns and the behaviourisms of Blak People.

The Ghetto-ologist, indeed a Contemporary title, a title that inspires inquiry or initiates revulsion based upon the connotations the name conjures up. Like him or loathe him Dr X lives up to his name as the unknown doctor with the streetwise spelling D O C T A H. The Uncle Toms Loathe him Sell-outs and Coconuts and Buffoons Hate him because he exposes their twisted mindset and is not afraid to challenge them.

He will use any means necessary to let them know Ghetto people will “BUN AH FIRE PON DEM”.

Be aware… Be very aware!!!